Ingeniørforeningen IDA

Hello Fellow

Once again, we had the pleasure of developing a creative concept for recruiting new members for IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers). And again, the challenge was to ensure growth by raising awareness of the membership benefits amongst the engineering students and students of natural science.

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Psst! Can you
keep a secret?

It’s no secret that the interest in beer and microbreweries is bubbling. But how can a smaller brewery stand out in this highly competitive market of cheap local beer brands, strong international brands and heavily hyped microbreweries?

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Digital pioneers wanted!

Netcompany is a successful and rapidly expanding IT consultancy company with a large demand for recruiting new employees – within a target group which is in high demand by both competing companies and businesses in general.

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Rikki Tikki Company


In cooperation with interior brand company Rikki Tikki, we have for the second time invited a number of Danish designers to each decorate an Elefashion elephant.

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Astma-Allergi Danmark

Snot or not?

One of ’Astma-Allergi Danmark's’ objectives is to provide information about the risk of pollen allergy developing into asthma. Sylvester Hvid & Co. was therefore asked to prepare a campaign to be used during the annual recurring event 'World Asthma Day'.

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Visit Denmark

Visit Denmark. Always

Though the neighbouring countries Denmark and Sweden are in many ways similar and share the same values, they are indeed two separate countries with their own unique way of life. Linked by the Oresund Bridge and separated only by a narrow strip of water the two countries offer two different worlds just a few kilometers apart. A great near market tourism potential in other words.

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NEXT Forsikring

The Next Big Thing

In a sector of high competition and regular traditions for purchasing and customer dialogue, NEXT Online Insurance has shown that sale of insurance directly online is possible.

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Pioneers wanted

Skanska is one of the world’s biggest commercial property developers and leading within sustainable buildings with more than 10.000 green building projects currently going on worldwide.

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Customer service around the clock

Chas. Hude, founded in 1896, is the oldest IPR business and one of the leading Danish companies in IPR consulting (Intellectual Property Rights). The company’s mission is to enhance customer value through strategic advice on all aspects relating to the use, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

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IDA forsikring

Unusually cheap insurance

After years of cooperation, our client IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers) came to us with a new challenge. They had a vision of ensuring growth by raising awareness of the benefits derived from a membership.

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Become an expert
in a minute

SEB Pension, Denmark's fourth largest commercial pension company with the industry's highest customer satisfaction, was looking for a way of communicating the rather complex concept of pension agreements – a notoriously low involvement product - in an easy way.

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Copenhagen Technical College (KTS)

For skilled hands only

Københavns Tekniske Skole/Copenhagen Technical College (KTS) is the capital’s technical college and one of Denmark’s largest technical colleges.

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The future comes
in 4G speed

In Greenland, TelePost is the market leader in telephony and Internet services, and consequently, the company plays an important role in the development that Greenland currently goes through technologically and societally.

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On behalf of European Recycling Platform (ERP), Sylvester Hvid & Co carries on the previous years’ national campaign for collection of batteries, in a cooperation with the KFUM scouts. The campaign has shown an impressive effect both externally and internally on the scouts’ own members due to the shared values between the scouts and the good cause of recycling batteries.

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Stibo Systems


Stibo Systems develops master data management solutions for several of the world’s largest companies. A dialogue with c-level decision makers at such companies requires meaningful relations based on a convincing professional foundation.

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The taste of

Spring is here – at least according to the calendar. Spring is ice cream time, because it is now where new ice cream flavors of the season arrive at the local ice man.

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Roskilde Handelsskole


The Business School in Roskilde offers a number of different educational courses to young people and adults. The school had two major challenges when it turned to Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd to ask for help and advice.

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Ida Corr

A social media
smash hit

Very few musicians achieve an iconic status during their life. Best chances to get there, artists have who besides their talent also work professionally and deliberately with their brand. The stars who are able to create a personal identity and a brilliant story telling about their artistic work.

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Brother Nordic

Work smarter,
not harder

Nowadays, most people have smartphones and tablets, but quite few integrate them with their daily office work like printing and scanning documents.

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McDonald's Denmark

A recipe for
crowd sourcing

McDonald's is the world’s largest family restaurant. In order to meet people’s stronger focus on nutrition and quality ingredients, McDonald's Denmark decided to create a platform for its core customers – families - that they could develop healthier food on.

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Beverage Group

food news

In the middle of a wave sending dozens of Danish and international energy drinks, typically based on highly potent and action dominated activities with s built-in adrenalin rush, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd has helped the Danish Beverage Group launch a new soft drink with the directly opposite goal.

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Make small
benefits big

Advantages and benefits are many when moving to eco-friendly office premises. Both direct economic advantages thanks to lower energy consumption and indirect gains reached through a better indoor climate, lower sickness absence, happier employees and a stronger profiling of the company.

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ERP (European Recycling Platform)

With a little help
from our friends

What to do if you have got a limited budget for spreading a message about battery recycling to people all over Denmark? You call the KFUM scouts and ask them for help.

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Nielsen and Thomsen


The Danish law firm Nielsen and Thomsen has specialized in offering services and counselling re: timeshare condominiums. It is a complex area that is difficult to communicate, and therefore the law firm asked Sylvester Hvid Online for help.

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Danske Bank


Traditional news coverage is quickly moving away from printed to digital media, and the same development can be seen clearly in the market for customer media and internal magazines. For more than three years, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has developed and produced the magazine “Investering” for Danske Bank’s private banking clients.

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A new
AAA rating

For many years, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has been one of Denmark’s best consolidated agencies. We got another proof of that, when we in November 2011 reeeived a new AAA rating.

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efficiency award

For a couple of years, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has been the agency of choice for Borup Kemi whose chemical and guard products are represented in almost any Danish household. The collaboration has gained a lot of recognition. Just recently, we have for the sixth consecutive year received the award for the most read ad in Idé Nyt.

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It's business,
it's personal

Social media are gaining more and more influence. The number of users and services make social media a very powerful factor in the formation of public opinion – and it is a channel which has to be taken seriously in marketing.

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Hold Danmark Rent (Keep Denmark Clean)

Make Denmark
more beautiful

Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has created a national information campaign for the organisation Hold Danmark Rent (“Keep Denmark Clean”). The objective of the campaign was to stop people throwing away garbage in the nature.

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Shop design
for HTC

The international smartphone brand HTC had a strong growth in Denmark and opened a flagship store in downtown Copenhagen.

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ERP (European Recycling Platform

Partying for
a good cause

European Recycling Platform (ERP) handles the collection and recovery of electronic waste such as old batteries on the behalf of importers and manufacturers in several European countries.

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Brother Nordic

Print eco-friendly

Brother is marketing itself as Denmark’s greenest printer supplier, and most of the company’s products have the Nordic Swan certification. They are also recommended by the official Danish “Good Energy” initiative.

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A new identity -
brick by brick

Botjek are experts in all types of buildings: Homes, public buildings and business buildings. Within all these categories, Botjek offers tests, condition reports, labelling reports and counselling services which all contribute to securing quality and utilization of opportunities in every building project.

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in all languages

Today, people and businesses communicate internationally. In order to handle our clients’ interests in all relevant languages, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has acquired the translation bureau Intertext.

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A web agency for
Sylvester Hvid

Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has been working with online marketing and web advertising since 1995. In 2010, we have felt an increasing demand for an even more strategical approach to the online media.

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Miljøstyrelsen (Environmental Protection Agency)

Campaign for
low energy
light bulbs

9 of 10 Danes have low energy light bulbs in their homes, but most people tidy up wrongly when the bulb stop working. That is why Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. carried out a national information campaign for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

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Air Greenland

Bringing out
the best

In many ways, Air Greenland ties together the Greenlandic society. Alternatives to air transports are often very difficult or non-existing.

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Bibliotekarforbundet (Union of Danish Librarians)

and traditions

The Union of Danish Librarians has a basic challenge that many of its prospective members do not identify themselves with the traditional role of a librarian.

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Danske Bank

Danske Bank
a new client

It is a complex task to convey knowledge about substantial economic, political, commercial, scientific, demographic, environmental, technological and social trends.

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IDA (Danish Society of Engineers)

New target groups
ensure growth

The percentage of engineers being organised in a trade union is quite high, and the awareness of IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers) is nearly 100 percent in this profession.

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Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Danish Cancer Society)

Buy printed paper
cheap and easy

Kræftens Bekæmpelse (The Danish Cancer Society) has unified its national lotteries and a number of other printed paper jobs and given them to Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd.

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IDA Forsikring (IDA Insurance)


In connection with an offensive growth strategy, Ingeniørforeningen in Denmark (IDA) made a profound analysis of its members. As a result of that, the society of engineers decided after talking to Sylvester Hvid & Co Ltd, that it needed to position itself on a number of add-on services such as insurance offers – in addition to its core output.

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Trade marketing
on the shelf

Words that are not followed by action, are waste of time. As a full service communications agency, Sylvester Hvid & Co Ltd wants to take care of our clients’ interests all the way from introductory brand building to the final sale. It is not enough for us to create preferences. We want to provide the communication contribution that inspires and activates consumers to take the intended action.

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Kriminalforsorgen (National Prison Service)

People of the
right mould

Being a prison officer can be a tough job – both physically and mentally. Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has for the Danish Prison Service developed a strategy and recruitment campaign that could rapidly and efficiently create knowledge of and attraction towards the position as prison officer.

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Full power on
new energy supplier

Sylvester Hvid & Co Ltd. was behind the development and introduction strategy for Denmark’s new electric company Our agency did contribute business sparring, analysis, strategy, identity and the creative process.

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Syddansk University

the future

Syddansk Universitet (SDU) has merged with Ingeniørhøjskolen Odense Teknikum. Now, the university can offer many new and exciting engineering specialities in both Odense and Sønderborg.

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Roskilde Kommune (Municipality of Roskilde)

employer brand

Many Danish municipalities struggle with recruiting qualified staff. The municipality of Roskilde was one of them. The advertisements that the municipality put into local and regional newspapers, did not generate enough applications, and many of the candidates were not qualified for the jobs. Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd was assigned the job to develop an employer brand that could strengthen the municipality’s profile as a nice place to work.

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Print best
and cheapest

What is the similarity between wellknown Danish brands such as Illum, Bang & Olufsen, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Copenhagen University and Vejdirektoratet?

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Job ad of the year

Both the newspaper Berlingske Tidende and the audience at the annual Sicef HR Fair choosena job advertisement from DONG Energy as the best of 2006.

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Copenhagen Airport

A conference
came into the air

Copenhagen Airport hosted one of the most important events in the international aviation industry this year. The Routes conference about route planning, which gathered about 2,000 delegates from airlines and airports in the Danish capital.

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Vestegnens Vandsamarbejde

Water kids

In late 2004, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd was asked by Vestegnens Vandsamarbejde to develop a multi-annual campaign. The seven municipalities in the Vandsamarbejde group were looking for a campaign that could motivate children in fourth to sixth grade to drink more water from the tap.

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Now it is public!

Communication and dialogues with citizens, current staff and future employees is a growing issue in the public sector. The need for perceptive and strategic communications advice is growing similarly. Municipalities, counties, government and many semi-public organisations are seeking citizen’s involvement using communicative initiatives. That is why Sylvester Hvid & Co Ltd. opened a special division focusing on the public sector.

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A local bank
for all Denmark

For several years, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has been a full service provider of communication services for Amagerbanken, is a medium sized regional bank in the Copenhagen area.

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The more
the merrier

The ability to create the unique story about a product or a service is more crucial than ever before for the competitive performance. A good story telling creates the differentiation.

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100 years and
still curious

Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. is 100 years old and publishes the anniversary book ”Da reklamen var ung” (When advertising Was Young) describing the history of the Danish advertising industry.

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After having had its addresses in downtown Copenhagen and on Nørrebro for almost 100 years, Sylvester-Hvid & Co. Ltd. moved its headquarters to Nordre Fasanvej on Frederiksberg.

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Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. acquires the graphic production agency O'Brian. The goal is to increase its competences within graphic design and production.

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There is
no business...

Sylvester Hvids & Co. Ltd’s new strategy for growth through acquisitions was introduced with the take-over of the ad agency Norup & Nielsen.

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New owner,
a new beginning

Big international chains of agencies had established themselves in Denmark and gradually taken over budgets from international brands, which they were also servicing in other parts of the world.

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Made in Denmark

During the 1960’s and 70’s, Sylvester-Hvid & Co. Ltd. was one of Denmark’s dominating advertising agencies and received several take-over offers from international agency groups.

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Commercials & master strokes

Cinemas popped up like mushrooms all over Denmark and in 1921, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. was one of the first advertising agencies to produce commercials for the new cinema media.

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The early years

In 1900, Jens Sylvester-Hvid defined for the first time the notion advertising in Danish: “In short, to advertise is to remind people about one’s existence with a business purpose in mind.”

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Denmark's first ad agency

When in 1899 the young bicycle dealer Jens Sylvester-Hvid was in need for more customer traffic in his just opened bike shop in Copenhagen, he met a lot of skepticism with this newfangled vehicle.

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Sylvester Hvid & Co.