The early years

In 1900, Jens Sylvester-Hvid defined for the first time the notion advertising in Danish: "In short, to advertise is to remind people about one's existence with a business purpose in mind."

This year, the first petrol-driven automobile went down Strøget in Copenhagen. And just here, Reklamebureauet A/S set up its first offices on Amagertorv. The first big client was DSB (Denmark's national railways). The collaboration went so well, that DSB kept being a client for more than 100 years. Hardly any ad agencies in the world can brag having such a loyal client.

In 1901, the agency got Kjøbenhavns Telefon AktieSelskab (the KTAS telephone company) as a client - a relationship that lasted until 1988. Now, Reklamebureauet A/S had gained a market dominating position which were manifested in the following years with new prominent clients such as Tuborg, De Forenede Spritfabrikker and ØK.

After his tremendous success in Denmark, Jens Sylvester-Hvid began looking for new opportunities abroad. As the first Danish ad agency, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. in 1919 opened a branch in New York. An office, however, that were closed again a couple of years later.

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Sylvester Hvid & Co.