Roskilde Kommune (Municipality of Roskilde)

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Many Danish municipalities struggle with recruiting qualified staff. The municipality of Roskilde was one of them. The advertisements that the municipality put into local and regional newspapers, did not generate enough applications, and many of the candidates were not qualified for the jobs.

Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd was assigned the job to develop an employer brand that could strengthen the municipality's profile as a nice place to work.

Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd conducted several creative and strategic workshops with the municipality's HR department. The work was built upon Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd's rethorical value model and a satisfaction survey among the municipality´s employees.

On that basis, our agency developed a brand statement report named "The Source to a Meaningful Job" and a number of statements which expressed the unique advantages in working for the Municipality of Roskilde.

Statements were among others "here is room for both fun and seriousness" or "here you find both personal development opportunities and time for your family." All statements ended with the phrase "- otherwise it does not make dense", because "the higher meaning" turned out to be a crucial contention for people's choice of the Municipality as their place to work.

The new brand was implemented working together with the Municipality's HR consultants. Cinemas, internal presentation material, car decorations, calendars, t-shirts, posters, ads, banner ads, websites and leaflets were used for marketing the brand.

The result was Denmark's first municipal employer brand. According to the client,  its invested money came back already through savings on advertisements and staff retention.

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Client:Roskilde Kommune (Municipality of Roskilde)
Project: Employer Branding
Year: 2007
Tags: Internal Communications Public Communications
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