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Air Greenland
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Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has begun working as a full service provider of communication services to the Air Greenland group. The group embraces Air Greenland, Grønlands Rejsebureau, Air Greenland Travel, Hotel Arctic, Arctic Umiaq Line and World of Greenland.

The scope of work includes development of a joint identity and brand for the group's companies covering Greenland, Denmark and abroad.

The Air Greenland Group is a vital player in the development of Greenland as a tourist destination and tourism as a business. With its many activities, the group is also an indispensable part of Greenland's infrastructure in general.

Sylvester Hvid & Co Ltd works closely together with Air Greenland in the objective to keep and develop the group's status as the leading carrier in the North Atlantic region.

Projects include branding, profiling in general, campaigns, design etc. The first major assignment was the creation and roll-out of an image campaign.

The difficult weather conditions in Greenland often make the Air Greenland staff a target for frustrated passengers, when bad weather does not allow any flights. Therefore, the campaign had two goals:

It should improve the employees' pride of working for Air Greenland. And it should emphasize the strong ties between the population of Greenland and the airline, where everybody has friends or family members employed. Air Greenland is the airline for all Greenland.

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Client:Air Greenland
Project: Employer branding
Year: 2008
Tags: Digital Communications Internal Communications Integrated Communications Media Employer branding Advertising
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