IDA Forsikring (IDA Insurance)


In connection with an offensive growth strategy, Ingeniørforeningen in Denmark (IDA) made a profound analysis of its members. As a result of that, the society of engineers decided after talking to Sylvester Hvid & Co Ltd, that it needed to position itself on a number of add-on services such as insurance offers - in addition to its core output.

Only members had access to the appealing insurance premiums, and the insurance campaign did therefore act as a recruitment channel as well. With this initiative, IDA got in contact with a totally new category of prospective members.

The campaign did demonstrate its efficiency quickly, by giving IDA a significant increase in members. As an added bonus, several existing members did take out insurances and thus extended their relations to IDA.

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Client:IDA Forsikring (IDA Insurance)
Project: Campaign
Year: 2008
Tags: Digital Communications Advertising
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Sylvester Hvid & Co.