Kriminalforsorgen (National Prison Service)

People of the
right mould

Prison officer can be a tough job - both physically and mentally. Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has for the Danish Prison Service developed a strategy and recruitment campaign that could rapidly and efficiently create knowledge of and attraction towards the position as prison officer.

The campaign showed the prison officer jobs with a positive and appreciative approach. At the same time, the communication was very honest and did not hide that the prison officer position calls for a special type of person. On the other hand, the job is also unique. It gives a high degree of job satisfaction and experiences, a person would not find in other positions.

In other words, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. intentionally chose a communications form making it clear that the prison officer job is not a job for everybody. It is a job for "people of the right mould" which was the campaign's recurring motif.

On one hand, the slogan did appeal to current employees who could mirror themselves in the job profile that thecampaign outlined.  On the other hand, it "raised the bar" for the type of demands that were made for applicants.

It gave the job a higher status and made it more attractive. At the same time, the strategy created an initial primary sorting of potential applicants, because only the most relevant candidates applied for the jobs.

The focal point of the project was the online campaign site, where possible candidates could test their eligibility for the job. Traffic was created via knowledge building and "call-to-action" orientered advertisements online og offline. The efforts were supplemented with several PR activities and an efficient internal campaign creating awareness, support and ownership among employees in the Danish Prison Service.

22,846 people visited the website during the campaign period from the middle of June to the end of September. This is an extremely high number for an activity in this area. The Prison Service received 275 applications giving 70 new employees. At the same time, the campaign succeeded in creating a new internal consciousness and self-understanding in the organization which was also an important goal.

The campaign was nominated for the "Communication Award of the Year" by the Danish Association of Communicators in the category "National Communication Projects". It was also nominated for the International Advertising Association's IAA Award for best non-commercial public campaign.

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Client:Kriminalforsorgen (National Prison Service)
Project: Employer Branding
Year: 2008
Tags: Digital Communications Internal Communications Integrated Communications Employer branding Public Communications Public Relations
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