IDA (Danish Society of Engineers)

New target groups
ensure growth

The percentage of engineers being organised in a trade union is quite high, and the awareness of IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers) is nearly 100 percent in this profession.

In order to meet the trade union's aggressive growth goals, an increase in memberships must come from a wider target group than before.

New and uncultivated target groups were identified in several related trade groups like the scientific area where people were also eligible to be members of the engineers' trade union.

Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. created the concept  "Fuld nydelse, nul ydelse" (Full Pleasure, No Fee). It explained that a student's membership of IDA gives a free access to almost all IDA's offers during his or her study time.

The campaign ran at commencement of study at several schools, where sales teams took enrolments directly. Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. produced a Q and A guide, campaign t-shirts, posters and welcoming material.

The personal sales efforts were backed by an online campaign site with supplementary information and posters at the places of  study. At schools and universities, special events with both social and professional content were arranged at the popular Friday bars.

The concentrated efforts towards a new target group were an instantaneous success as it recruited 1,000 new student members for IDA, The initiative has been repeated for several years.

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Client:IDA (Danish Society of Engineers)
Project: Recruitment campaign
Year: 2009
Tags: Digital Communications Integrated Communications Public Relations Advertising
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