Bibliotekarforbundet (Union of Danish Librarians)

and traditions

The Union of Danish Librarians has a basic challenge that many of its prospective members do not identify themselves with the traditional role of a librarian.

he education opens doors to a lot of other jobs in e.g. the IT industry and dissemination of culture. Areas that are far more appealing to young candidates. The consequence is that people join other unions who are better in positioning themselves in the new community.

Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has accomplished a rebranding and value process for the Union of Danish Librarians which willl ensure the union a position as the organisation of choice for information specialists and culture communicators.

In other words, the union that organizes the people who organize knowledge.

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Client:Bibliotekarforbundet (Union of Danish Librarians)
Project: Identity and branding
Year: 2010
Tags: Design Advertising
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