Miljøstyrelsen (Environmental Protection Agency)

Campaign for
low energy
light bulbs

9 of 10 Danes have low energy light bulbs in their homes, but most people tidy up wrongly when the bulb stops working. That is why Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. carried out a national information campaign for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The purpose of the campaign was to create awareness of an environmentally correct and healthy handling of broken low energy light bulbs that contain mercury.

The campaign had a very limited budget, and we were forced to think creatively when choosing format and media. Our communication was built upon easily understandable advice for correct handling. It was carried out using an animated instruction film, banner ads, Facebook ads and profiles, print ads, posters and leaflets for distribution at libraries and recycling centres. We did also create and write stories for all local weekly newspapers in Denmark and for selected consumer media.

Despite the limited budget, the campaign created a 10 percent higher brand awareness. The campaign was nominated for an award from the Danish Association of Communications Professionals (DKF).

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Client:Miljøstyrelsen (Environmental Protection Agency)
Project: National campaign for low energy light bulbs
Year: 2010
Tags: Public Communications
Sylvester Hvid & Co.