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Traditional news coverage is quickly movingaway from printed to digital media, and the same development can be seen clearly in the market for customer media and internal magazines. For more than three years, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has developed and produced the magazine "Investering" for Danske Bank's private banking clients.

With its in-depth and perceptive articles about financial topics, the magazine has a considerable saving value for its readers. However, the media has some limits in the coverage of hard-to-reach topics which tend to be heavy and lengthy to read. Based on results from a reader analysis, we therefore introduced a digital version of "Investering" which can be read on Apple iPad and other tablet computers.

"Investering" was one of the first client magazines in Denmark with interactive content. It utilizes all the technical advantages that the digital media offer - video streaming, share prices shown in real time, links to social media etc. The app can be downloaded free of charge from Apple's iTunes store and from Google Play.

Easy to be inspired of, easy to carry and easy to save.

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Client:Danske Bank
Project: Digital publishing
Year: 2011
Tags: Design Digital Communications
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