Sylvester Hvid
gets official
SKI approval

Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has a strong position in the Danish public sector with numerous clients among government, regions, municipalities and semi-public organizations. In this sector, all standards for major public procurements -communication services included - are specified by Statens og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice (SKI) - Denmark's National Procurement Ltd.

Only a very limited number of communication agencies have been approved by SKI to manage the whole process from campaign strategy, idea and concept development to design and final production. Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. is one these few agencies.

Having a SKI license is a stamp of approval of our agency's competences. It also underlines that full service offerings are a key business for Sylvester Hvid & Co.

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Tags: Employer branding
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Sylvester Hvid & Co.