Ida Corr

A social media
smash hit

Very few musicians achieve an iconic status during their life. Best chances to get there, artists have who besides their talent also work professionally and deliberately with their brand. The stars who are able to create a personal identity and a brilliant story telling about their artistic work.

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Brother Nordic

Work smarter,
not harder

Nowadays, most people have smartphones and tablets, but quite few integrate them with their daily office work like printing and scanning documents.

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McDonald's Denmark

A recipe for
crowd sourcing

McDonald's is the world’s largest family restaurant. In order to meet people’s stronger focus on nutrition and quality ingredients, McDonald's Denmark decided to create a platform for its core customers – families - that they could develop healthier food on.

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Beverage Group

food news

In the middle of a wave sending dozens of Danish and international energy drinks, typically based on highly potent and action dominated activities with s built-in adrenalin rush, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd has helped the Danish Beverage Group launch a new soft drink with the directly opposite goal.

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Make small
benefits big

Advantages and benefits are many when moving to eco-friendly office premises. Both direct economic advantages thanks to lower energy consumption and indirect gains reached through a better indoor climate, lower sickness absence, happier employees and a stronger profiling of the company.

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ERP (European Recycling Platform)

With a little help
from our friends

What to do if you have got a limited budget for spreading a message about battery recycling to people all over Denmark? You call the KFUM scouts and ask them for help.

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Nielsen and Thomsen


The Danish law firm Nielsen and Thomsen has specialized in offering services and counselling re: timeshare condominiums. It is a complex area that is difficult to communicate, and therefore the law firm asked Sylvester Hvid Online for help.

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Sylvester Hvid & Co.