Beauty Akademiet


Danish Beauty Akademiet is a highly recognised trading company with expertise in beauty and makeup.
The company is furthermore operating as a serious advisor to its customers by having an online shop with high quality beauty products.

This diverse role has been a challenge for the Beauty Academy, which had to be solved in an elegant way. Beauty Akademiet and Sylvester Hvid & Co. decided to build a new website, which firstly tells the good story about the company and its expertise and thereby positions it as Denmark's best beauty advisors.

Secondly an eShop was incorporated on the site in order to cater and boost product sales. This, however, is done in a discreet way to not steal too much attention from the beauty consultancy field.

In order to create awareness and drive traffic to the site, several social media platforms were involved. Especially the Facebook site is today playing a significant role in driving traffic to both website and eShop.

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Client:Beauty Akademiet
Project: Website and eShop
Year: 2012
Tags: Design Digital Communications
Beauty _forside Beauty _e -shop
Sylvester Hvid & Co.