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In the middle of a wave sending dozens of Danish and international energy drinks, typically based on highly potent and action dominated activities with s built-in adrenalin rush, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd has helped the Danish Beverage Group launch a new soft drink with the directly opposite goal. Slow Cow helps people to relax, but without making them sleepy.

Both the product and the accompanying communications platform were cool in the laid back way and targeted a niche in the market, where the buying motif were not parties and speed, but a surplus in all phases of life. And all this without any addition of calories and artificial food colouring.

The introduction of Slow Cow was supported by social media, events and PR. By frequently using trials, personal recommendations and "word of mouse" marketing, the brand maintained its credibility, exclusiveness and status as an alternative brand which had not been over-communicated.

These are important qualities in a market dominated by famous brands supported by multinational companies. Consumers´ thirst for a stimulating breather in a can contribute to giving Slow Cow a national distribution and a solid foothold in a highly competitive market.

Isn't that cool?

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Client:Beverage Group
Project: Launch campaign for Slow Cow
Year: 2012
Tags: Digital Communications Public Relations
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