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What to do if you have got a limited budget for spreading a message about battery recycling to people all over Denmark? You call the KFUM scouts and ask them for help.

Compared to international standards, the collection percentage for old batteries is high in Denmark, and Danes in general like to do things the right way. But sometimes we forget to return the used batteries  recycling, or the recycling depot is simply placed too far away. On the other hand, we like to help young scouts because they do good deeds and are wellknown for protecting nature and environment. The batteries, they are just lying there, hidden and forgotten in drawers, ready for pickup.

Together with the Danish KFUM scout organisation, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. developed an "activity marque" that the young members could earn by joining a couple of activities. Thus, the battery campaign became an integrated part of the scouts' education. All other Danes could earn a virtuel marque on their Facebook profile by liking the campaign.

Along with print ads, local and national PR activities generated traffic to the "Great Battery Recovery" campaign which Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. ran with the scouts on city squares and in shopping malls all over the country. 

At the events, people could join competitions and fun activities. For instance, you could learn how to charge your cellular phone with fresh fruits. People were offered good advice and knowhow about battery recycling - and of course everyone was welcome to return their old batteries at the spots.
The results from the campaign were convincing: 4,000 participants in a quiz on Facebook, a significant increase in the Danish people's awareness of battery recycling - and very tangibly - two tons of collected batteries.

The campaign was nominated for the award National Campaign of the Year in the category Non Commercial Campaigns by IAA - the International Advertising Association.


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Client:ERP (European Recycling Platform)
Project: Used Battery Campaign
Year: 2012
Tags: Design Integrated Communications Advertising
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