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McDonald's is the world's largest family restaurant. In order to meet people's stronger focus on nutrition and quality ingredients, McDonald's Denmark and Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. decided to create a platform for its core customers - families -  that they could develop healthier food on.

Based on a knowledge that kids' and teenagers' relation to healthy food will develop and improve when they are present in the kitchen during cooking, McDonald's and Sylvester Hvid & Co Ltd. created a family cook book with light and healthy dishes. And the target audience was involved  in the development work.

For the "din og min kogebog" (Your and my cook book), we created a unique universe including a micro site on Internet, , where families could upload, comment, "like" and share their favourite recipes.

The content was developed working closely together with a nutrition expert who also helped choosing the best and most healthy recipes for a paper based family cook book, which was later offered to customers at McDonald's family restaurants in Denmark. The online universe is still open for inspirational and healthy food recipes. Bon appétit.

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Client:McDonald's Denmark
Project: Web design and crowd sourcing
Year: 2012
Tags: Design Digital Communications
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Sylvester Hvid & Co.