Nielsen and Thomsen


The Danish law firm Nielsen and Thomsen has specialized in offering services and counselling re: timeshare condominiums. It is a complex area that is difficult to communicate, and therefore the law firm asked Sylvester Hvid Online for help.

In order to put significant focus on timeshare condominiums, the business area was separated from the law firm's corporate website and presented on a new and individual microsite.

The microsite puts its major focus on video sections and story telling, which help making a complex topic far more understandable.

A blog function on the site enables the user to easily enter a dialogue with Nielsen and Thomsen. At the same time it helps the company positioning itself as being experts within the timeshare condominiums business area.

To increase awareness and invite for interactions and debate, a Facebook site was established.

The users' interest and strong interaction on Facebook has contributed to increased inquiries and awareness of the company´s expert skills re: timeshare condominiums.

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Client:Nielsen and Thomsen
Project: Microsite
Year: 2012
Tags: Digital Communications
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