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Advantages and benefits are many when moving to eco-friendly office premises. Both direct economic advantages thanks to lower energy consumption and indirect gains reached through a better indoor climate, lower sickness absence, happier employees and a stronger profiling of the company.

But how does Skanska - one of the world's biggest developers - communicate these arguments in a credible and convincing manner?

Skanska and Sylvester Hvid & Co Ltd decided to do a calculation on things and put the profit into a formula. A formula that allows every company to perform qualified calculations of its own benefits by moving to new and green offices.

The calculation and the many benefits are presented in the report "Grøn bundlinje" (Green Bottom Line) and an appurtenant micro site on the web. Along with useful calculation examples, cases and scientific articles, the report creates a convincing communication with good dialogue opportunities such as online booking of meetings, registration to go-home meetings, newsletters etc. A special calculation module in an iPad app has been developed for business realtors, providing an efficient tool for the sales process.

With the "Grøn bundlinje" report, Skanska got a platform for communicating with both end users and realtors. The effect can be seen not only on the bottom line, but also on the Copenhagen skyline. Several new distinctive buildings will be erected in the coming years, as a result of leads created by the campaign.

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Project: Green Bottom Line
Year: 2012
Tags: Design Digital Communications Integrated Communications Public Relations Advertising
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