The future comes
in 4G speed

In Greenland, TelePost is the market leader in telephony and Internet services, and consequently, the company plays an important role in the development that Greenland currently goes through technologically and societally.

Such a position carries a huge responsibility, because Greenland has a relatively small population spread over a very large geographical area, dependent on a well developed technical infrastructure. After a successful implementation of the 3G technology, TelePost has now initiated the expansion into a 4G network.

Sylvester Hvid & Co has for TelePost developed the launch campaign for 4G mobile broadband using the headline "Feel Home Everywhere". The campaign builds on the tangible product advantages when Greenland for the first time can see - and feel - Internet in the same speed everywhere.

Greenlanders are no longer tied to a fixed line connection but can be mobile and enter Internet when they are on the fjords or in the fells.

The campaign is executed online and offline presenting a visual universe with a number of easily recognisable locations in Greenland where you were not able before to surf quickly and constantly.

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Project: National campaign
Year: 2014
Tags: Design Graphic Production Integrated Communications Advertising
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Sylvester Hvid & Co.