Copenhagen Technical College (KTS)

For skilled hands only

Københavns Tekniske Skole/Copenhagen Technical College (KTS) is the capital’s technical college and one of Denmark’s largest technical colleges. However, new admission requirements has been introduced on all technical colleges, along when politically decided cost savings, which has intensified competition and increased the need for attracting students.

Usually, technical education is marketed very “hands on”, portraying e.g. a mason or a carpenter in their working clothes with their preferred tools. We introduced a new way of portraying the students. A more visually appealing, less “what you see is what you get” approach, that not only made the students and their crafts look “cool” but also drew a lot of attention.

To emphasize the fact that technical education can be demanding and isn’t for everyone, we introduced the tagline “For Skilled Hands Only”.

The campaign consisted of Facebook activities, online and print advertising as well as outdoor and “open house” events.

The result? The number of participants at the two latest “open house” events has doubled compared to last year.

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Client:Copenhagen Technical College (KTS)
Project: For skilled hands only
Year: 2015
Tags: Integrated Communications Media Advertising
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