IDA forsikring

Unusually cheap insurance

After years of cooperation, our client IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers) came to us with a new challenge. They had a vision of ensuring growth by raising awareness of the benefits derived from a membership.

The target group consisted of engineers and professionals with a Master of Science (MSc) - generally known to be a risk-aversive, rational and well-considered group of people.

Sylvester Hvid & Co. created the concept "Unusually cheap insurance" (Usædvanlig billig forsikring). The concept was based on an opposite perception of what an engineer and a MSc professional generally stand for. Thus, our perception was everything but an improbable and irrational professional. In order to capture the target audience's attention the insurance campaign was visually explained by unimaginable scenarios that not even engineers could predict or prepare for.

The main idea with the campaign was to send a catchy message to the target group, who are price-conscious and yet possesses a sense of humor. So we launched the campaign on outdoor events in Denmark, in print and through online outlets.

We are proud of the final product. A visual campaign that generated considerable attention and inquiries about membership to the call center of IDA.  

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Client:IDA forsikring
Project: Unusually cheap insurance
Year: 2015
Tags: Integrated Communications Media Advertising
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Sylvester Hvid & Co.