Become an expert
in a minute

SEB Pension, Denmark's fourth largest commercial pension company with the industry's highest customer satisfaction, was looking for a way of communicating the rather complex concept of pension agreements - a notoriously low involvement product - in an easy way.

The solution was to introduce the concept 'Expert Minuttet' ('The Expert Minute'), in which SEB Pension's investment advisors and portfolio managers in short one-minute video sequences focus on some of the most asked questions in relation to pension and retirement: How do you put together a good pension plan? What are the risks of different pension plan opportunities? How does SEB Pension invest my money? The videos are created in a simple and flexible set-up in SEB's offices which makes it possible to react promptly to changes in customer demands. The videos are published on SEB Pension's website, YouTube and other relevant channels.

The content marketing solution supports SEB Pension in maintaining the position as the pension company with the highest customer satisfaction in Denmark through a communication form that is way more inspiring, engaging and understandable, than comprehensive written documents.

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Project: Become an expert in a minute
Year: 2015
Tags: Digital Communications Integrated Communications Media Public Communications
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