Astma-Allergi Danmark

Snot or not?

The organization ’Astma-Allergi Danmark’ works to ensure that all affected by asthma, allergies, hay fever and eczema get a better everyday life. They do this, partly, by providing advice and guidance to people affected by these disorders.

One of ’Astma-Allergi Danmark's’ objectives is to provide information about the risk of pollen allergy developing into asthma. Sylvester Hvid & Co. was therefore asked to prepare a campaign to be used during the annual recurring event 'World Asthma Day'.

We developed the campaign Snot or Not. The campaign consisted of an event at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. Here, visitors could be tested for free, receive lung function measurements and counseling in collaboration with doctors from the Allergy Clinic at Gentofte Hospital. Outside, visitors could go for a stroll in a pop-up garden filled with hypoallergenic trees and flowers – and explore a pollen trap....

The campaign is executed offline as well as online; on a campaign site, on film, and on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, where a competition was implemented.

The Snot or Not campaign has received much attention in the Danish media and the success will be repeated in 2016.

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Client:Astma-Allergi Danmark
Project: World Asthma Day campaign
Year: 2016
Tags: Digital Communications Integrated Communications Advertising
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