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In cooperation with our customer, interior brand company Rikki Tikki, we have for the second time invited a number of Danish designers to each decorate an Elefashion elephant.

The Elefashion-concept is business-oriented charity at its best. Here, design, business and charity are linked together, so that Rikki Tikki Company, designers, shopping centers, visitors and endangered elephants takes advantage of the concept.

The elephants are in 2016 on exhibition tour in a number of shopping centers across the country. In addition to strengthening sales of Rikki Tikki products, the Elefashion elephants are expected to once again become popular guests who will take visitors and the press by storm – and not least result in the collection of money for endangered elephants. Read more about the concept and see the beautiful designer elephants on www.elefashion.dk


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Client:Rikki Tikki Company
Project: Elefashion
Year: 2016
Tags: Integrated Communications Media Public Communications Public Relations
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