NEXT Forsikring

The Next Big Thing

In a sector of high competition and regular traditions for purchasing and customer dialogue, NEXT Insurance has shown that sale of insurance directly online is possible.

Sylvester Hvid & Co. has been involved in the digital journey from the beginning. We have assisted with the development of a visual identity, website, digital strategy, PR, SoMe, online advertising and nationwide television spots.

A large part of the insurance company's success can be attributed to the highly differentiated target group communication, where many different messages are targeted the individual segments.

The journey never stops - Fine-tuning concept and purchase flows are being made on a continuous basis to ensure that the purchase process remains as user friendly as possible.

NEXT has won the E-Commerce Prize (2016) and ‘Best in Test’ (2015) by the Consumer Council (Forbrugerrådet Tænk).

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Client:NEXT Forsikring
Project: Lanceringskampagne
Year: 2016
Tags: Design Digital Communications Graphic Production Integrated Communications Media Public Relations Advertising
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