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Though the neighbouring countries Denmark and Sweden are in many ways similar and share the same values, they are indeed two separate countries with their own unique way of life. Linked by the Oresund Bridge and separated only by a narrow strip of water the two countries offer two different worlds just a few kilometers apart. A great near market tourism potential in other words.

The national Danish tourism organization Visit Denmark wanted to tap into this potential. For this, we developed a new communications platform ‘Always Denmark’ (‘Danmark hvergang’) to serve as the basis for all campaign activities from Visit Denmark and its’ commercial partners. Swedes enjoy visiting Denmark for the warm and cosy atmosphere known as ‘hygge’. They regard Danes to be laid back, easy-living and a bit weird (in a positive way, obviously…). A perfect place to relax from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Families with children make up a large part of the guests from the near markets and in order to appeal to this segment in cooperation with Kuntz Animation we invented a campaign based on an illustrated, cartoon-like universe. The main characters featured in all campaign materials are a Swedish tourist and a Danish resident. They appear in settings around Denmark that are all very characteristic. And behind them a scene filled with weird and humorous actions is set. The Swedish tourist is a character known to all Swedes; Stig-Helmer. He was the main character in a beloved comedy movie series about a nerdy Swedish guy who went on vacation and always ended up in all sort of insane situations. The conversation between the Swede and the Dane is repeated in all illustrations: ‘When is the best time to visit Denmark’? the Swede asks. ‘Always!’ the Dane replies.

The campaign consisted of print ads and posters, online banners, social media activities and PR, outdoor, and animation videos for cinema and YouTube prerolls. Post campaign research shows a cost per view better than benchmarks, an 18% increase in awareness, a 31% increase in consideration to buy and up to 2600% uplift on certain keywords relating to holiday in Denmark.

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Client:Visit Denmark
Project: Always Denmark
Year: 2016
Tags: Design Digital Communications Graphic Production Integrated Communications Media Public Relations Advertising
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