Digital pioneers wanted!

Netcompany is a successful and rapidly expanding IT consultancy company with a large demand for recruiting new employees – within a target group which is in high demand by both competing companies and businesses in general.

We developed an employer brand platform based on the term ‘digital pioneers’, which was introduced as a core element of the creative concept. Another core element was the original images of pioneers and their achievements. The creative angle was then to create a link between these historical pioneers and Netcompany using the main message: "We are looking for colleagues who can do the same, only digitally".

Potential employees learn what human skills are needed to work with Netcompany, and through the campaign existing employees receive confirmation, that they work in a innovative company with great opportunities to develop and thrive. In addition, the corporate brand is strengthened.

The campaign is actually on on-going process and communication effort visible for most of the year with varying media spend and in internal and external media, respectively. To achieve maximum visibility and synergy, the communication activities are adapted to a wide range of media platforms, e.g. campaign site, display banners, print ads, SoMe, PR and career fairs.

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