Ingeniørforeningen IDA

Hello Fellow

Once again, we had the pleasure of developing a creative concept for recruiting new members for IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers). And again, the challenge was to ensure growth by raising awareness of the membership benefits amongst the engineering students and students of natural science.

We developed the concept ’Hello Fellow’ which was launched in relevant universities at school start. An IDA brand ambassador team consisting of student members was sent out to meet and greet new students.

The campaign pay-off ‘Hello Fellow’ expresses an invitation to all students to join the professional and social network IDA offers. Thus, the campaign makes use of student members as spokespersons. The students will meet these spokespersons face-to-face and in all the campaign materials, where personal story-telling is used to describe both the professional and social advantages of being a member.

The highly personal and visually strong campaign created considerable attention and a boost of new student members. And equally important, it strengthened the relationship between IDA and the existing members.


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Client:Ingeniørforeningen IDA
Project: Hello Fellow
Year: 2017
Tags: Design Graphic Production Integrated Communications
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