Psst! Can you
keep a secret?

It’s no secret that the interest in beer and microbreweries is bubbling. But how can a smaller brewery stand out in this highly competitive market of cheap local beer brands, strong international brands and heavily hyped microbreweries?

For Krenkerup Bryggeri (Krenkerup Brewery) on the island of Lolland the recipe is based on the unique history of Krenkerup Gods (Krenkerup Estate) est. 1367, the use of fantastic local agricultural products and brewing traditions based on craftsmanship and dedication.

Spiced with modern story-telling, e.g. the ‘Brewer’s Secret’ label; A new beer which is developed every year based on a new secret recipe, known only to the estate owner and the brew master. Each beer will only be produced once and the recipe is then destroyed, never to be duplicated or reproduced again. (At least so the story goes). We can reveal so much, that the success is safe every year – in terms of taste and branding. Sshh…

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