A glimpse of the future

Marketing a commercial property project is the ultimate marketing challenge: The product is just a vision and there’s nothing to show and nothing to see - except for the opportunities.

When marketing the project CPH Highline on behalf of commercial property developer Skanska, we created a platform based on visualizations, architectural drawings, 360° drone camera recordings and virtual reality technology, allowing the user to navigate through the entire office building, enjoy the views from the rooftop as well as from offices within the building, and essentially experience a glimpse of how the future will look as a resident in CPH Highline – before a single brick was laid.

The platform has proved to be a powerful sales tool and a great inspirational input for dialogue about the opportunities – and the future – in CPH Highline.

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Project: CPH Highline
Year: 2018
Tags: Digital Communications Integrated Communications Advertising
Skanska_360_view_02.jpg Skanska_360_view_03.jpg Skanska_360_view_04.jpg Skanska_360_view_05.jpg Skanska_360_view_06.jpg
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