Stibo Systems

Big data, big business

Stibo Systems is a market leader in the Master Data Management business. Essentially, Master Data Management enables you to collect, store, analyze and distribute data effectively across your organization through the use of specialized software. Sounds easy, but in reality, it’s a rather complicated business. So how do you market a complex product like Master Data Management to C-suite professionals without in-depth technical knowledge?

The solution in this case was to focus on the business, not the technology, expressed in the campaign theme ‘Master your data to master your business’. And to use examples of what can happen if you don’t have control over your data in a way that the CXO’s could immediately recognize as critical to their business. The examples were all served with a twist of humor – because B2B shouldn’t always mean ‘Boring to Boring’.

The results in brief:

The landingpage which forms the launch pad for most of the campaign assets quickly became the number one ranked page

Of the six emails created to launch the campaign assets, three of them recorded the highest CTR of any email Stibo Systems ever sent

A number of closed deals directly related to the campaign were recorded, not to mention a considerable number of sales leads for follow up, altogether generating a record-high ROI for the activity

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Client:Stibo Systems
Project: Big data, big business
Year: 2019
Tags: Digital Communications Integrated Communications Advertising
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