Rikke Gravengaard


Rikke Gravengaard is a Danish fashion brand with a shop in Frederiksberg. Since 2018, Rikke Gravengaard has designed and retailed clothing, bags, and accessories to make the colorful side of women shine.

The company has in a few years gone from being a small local shop to haveing ambitions about taking the Copenhagen fashion scene. To achieve this goal we developed a strategy to strengthen their position in the market. The solution became a webshop with associated identity, a finished drawing of the logo, a new tone-of-voice, and branding.

To highlight the aesthetics and style of Rikke Gravengaard's design, we developed a distinctive photo series that could serve as the backbone of the webshop's expression. The colors in Rikke Gravengaard's design are particularly striking, which is why we chose a location that could enhance this. An old Danish warship was with its large monochrome surfaces a huge contrast to the colorful and patterned collection.

Apart from that, did Rikke Gravengaard had a specific need to administrate the companies E-commerce, why we chose to build the webshop in the user-friendly CMS system Shopify. Here the functionality was in focus, such as UX, integration of shipping, parcel labels, return and inventory management.

Photo, concept & retouching: Sylvester Hvid & Co

Model: Eline Lyseen

Stylist: Jørgen Simonsen

Hair & makeup: Ulla Jacobsen

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Client:Rikke Gravengaard
Project: Branding
Year: 2019
Tags: Design Digital Communications
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Sylvester Hvid & Co.