Ingeniørforeningen IDA

Hello Fellow

Once again, we had the pleasure of developing a creative concept for recruiting new members for IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers). And again, the challenge was to ensure growth by raising awareness of the membership benefits amongst the engineering students and students of natural science.

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Psst! Can you
keep a secret?

It’s no secret that the interest in beer and microbreweries is bubbling. But how can a smaller brewery stand out in this highly competitive market of cheap local beer brands, strong international brands and heavily hyped microbreweries?

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Visit Denmark

Visit Denmark. Always

Though the neighbouring countries Denmark and Sweden are in many ways similar and share the same values, they are indeed two separate countries with their own unique way of life. Linked by the Oresund Bridge and separated only by a narrow strip of water the two countries offer two different worlds just a few kilometers apart. A great near market tourism potential in other words.

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NEXT Forsikring

The Next Big Thing

In a sector of high competition and regular traditions for purchasing and customer dialogue, NEXT Online Insurance has shown that sale of insurance directly online is possible.

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Pioneers wanted

Skanska is one of the world’s biggest commercial property developers and leading within sustainable buildings with more than 10.000 green building projects currently going on worldwide.

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The future comes
in 4G speed

In Greenland, TelePost is the market leader in telephony and Internet services, and consequently, the company plays an important role in the development that Greenland currently goes through technologically and societally.

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On behalf of European Recycling Platform (ERP), Sylvester Hvid & Co carries on the previous years’ national campaign for collection of batteries, in a cooperation with the KFUM scouts. The campaign has shown an impressive effect both externally and internally on the scouts’ own members due to the shared values between the scouts and the good cause of recycling batteries.

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Stibo Systems


Stibo Systems develops master data management solutions for several of the world’s largest companies. A dialogue with c-level decision makers at such companies requires meaningful relations based on a convincing professional foundation.

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The taste of

Spring is here – at least according to the calendar. Spring is ice cream time, because it is now where new ice cream flavors of the season arrive at the local ice man.

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Shop design
for HTC

The international smartphone brand HTC had a strong growth in Denmark and opened a flagship store in downtown Copenhagen.

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Danske Bank

Danske Bank
a new client

It is a complex task to convey knowledge about substantial economic, political, commercial, scientific, demographic, environmental, technological and social trends.

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Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Danish Cancer Society)

Buy printed paper
cheap and easy

Kræftens Bekæmpelse (The Danish Cancer Society) has unified its national lotteries and a number of other printed paper jobs and given them to Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd.

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Print best
and cheapest

What is the similarity between wellknown Danish brands such as Illum, Bang & Olufsen, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Copenhagen University and Vejdirektoratet?

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Copenhagen Airport

A conference
came into the air

Copenhagen Airport hosted one of the most important events in the international aviation industry this year. The Routes conference about route planning, which gathered about 2,000 delegates from airlines and airports in the Danish capital.

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A local bank
for all Denmark

For several years, Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. has been a full service provider of communication services for Amagerbanken, is a medium sized regional bank in the Copenhagen area.

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Sylvester Hvid & Co. Ltd. acquires the graphic production agency O'Brian. The goal is to increase its competences within graphic design and production.

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