Sylvester Hvid was established in 1899 as the very first full-service communications agency in Denmark. We work strategically and integrated with branding, design, advertising and communication.

We're a full-service creative agency with a strategic mindset and a digital core. We create results and add value for our clients based on strategic thinking, creative actions and awesome technology.

We are members of the international network of independent advertising and communications agencies INBA and of the Danish trade organization Creativity & Communication.

The modern full-service communications agency

Companies, both public and privately owned, more than ever operate in a competetive environment and a surrounding society of constant change. Thus, the demand for market-driven, customer-oriented communication activities is significant. Consequently, marketing should embrace the entire organization and be present throughout the value chain. More than ever, marketing reaches beyond the marketing department in its' classical form. Everything is everywhere so to speak, and in the competitive organization marketing is a philosophy rather than a business discipline. To meet the changing demands we offer a variety of communication skills covering all points of contact between a company and its' stakeholders. That's how we define a modern full-service communications agency.

Our vision and mission

We strive to be known as a well-run and innovative communications agency, qualified to work with the biggest national and international brands through the results created for our clients and ourselves by our strategic and creative competencies.

Sylvester Hvid is a full-service communications agency working strategically and integrated with branding, design, advertising and communication. We create results, add value, increase competitiveness and secure growth for our clients through creative solutions that establish or strengthen relations between our clients and their stakeholders.

Communication is everywhere

A company communicates through all its' actions and non-actions. No communication is also a form of communication. And sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Thus, we believe in a firm but dynamic coordination of all touch points between a company and all its stakeholders; employees, distributors, end-users, the press etc.

An effective communication effort is best achieved through coordinated planning, development and implementation of communication activities across channels in terms of timing, content and tools. Companies who manage to balance these elements in an optimal manner will experience an improved return on marketing investment as every initiative will help to increase the effect of all other activities.

Integrated communication and counseling

Our organization and skills matches the markets' demand for integrated communication solutions. We employ experienced specialist within all significant communication disciplines, but we have broken down the traditional boundaries between them to allow the strategic thinking and creative ideas to flow freely. By integrating these disciplines and functions we have created a true basis for an integrated communications effort, where solutions fit the challenge - not the other way around. 

No insights, no relevance

Nothing comes from nothing. Most things come from hard work and insights. No matter how brilliant a company is at organising and implementing their communication effort, the biggest challenge will be to create relevant, positive and differentiating relations between the company and its' stakeholders. These relations are based on insights. No insights, no relevance. That's why we base all our solutions on in-depth analysis of both stakeholders and the company. And being a curious group of people, we never stop challenging neither our clients nor ourselves. That's how we've been able to change consumer attitudes, change our clients' market positions and change ourselves for more than 100 years.

Sylvester Hvid & Co.